Exquisite cream gateaux

These culinary gems are more than welcome on any coffee table– exquisite gateaux that are perfect for all occasions and look splendid in any setting. Every one of these delightful cream cakes and gateaux will win you over with its five-star appearance, superb recipe and exceptional quality. From well-known classics to new innovations and products that are right on trend, this range leaves nothing to be desired. Maximum convenience and the guaranteed Pfalzgraf product safety make these delicious gateaux absolutely indispensable for a whole range of catering professionals, including large and small-scale catering establishments, coffee shops, cafés, hotels, community catering and, of course, bakeries.

Lemon-Gin Buttercream Gateau

Lemon-Gin Buttercream Gateau

Article No. 619

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Exquisite in taste. When lemon meets gin from the Black Forest, and cocoa meets buttercream, the result is a taste experience

that is right on trend. A sumptuous gateau with three layers of ...